Monday, June 9, 2008

We're finally web accessible!

Welcome to "The Chronicles of Max and Jordan"! We hope to make this a place for all of our family and friends to take a peek at the daily lives of our twins. We know for many of you this is long overdue. We're sorry. Well, today our little monsters are now 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days old. And it's taken exactly that long for us to finally "get it together." So without further ado, here are Max and Jordan...

Their very first close-up! (courtesy of Daddy)

Maxwell Sterling Holdsworth ~ 1 day old
prince maxwell

Jordan Emma Holdsworth ~ 1 day old
princess jordan

Daddy's babies...
Daddy and his babies

Sleepy twins ~ 1 week old
sweet sleepers

Best buddies ~ 4 mos.

Keeping secrets from Mom & Dad already...

Handsome little man...

Smiling/Yelling for her close-up....

Seriously Mom, get her offa' me...

Our attempt at a family picture (re-do coming soon)...


Ani Holdsworth said...

Oooooh, is that the English "hot-magenta" dress I sent Jordan for birth-day/Valentine's? Well she IS "HOT" — watch out boys!

The babies are gorgeous! You guys, too, but they're rather proficient at stealing all limelight/spotlight even before birth. "Clever tricks and secret plans" (to quote a famous crocodile).

GREAT job with the blog. And I have the honour to be the first comment :)

Great-Aunt Ani
whoa that sounds OLD!
oh, right; I am.
this is better:
GREAT Aunt Ani, or...
Aunt Ani the Great
I like that.

Wendy said...

Congratulations, they are totally adorable!!


Olive Lucy said...

Jillian-- too cute... if yu wan to read mine send me an email so i can invite you... k? i am still clickable on BBC or you can do through my blogger profile..