Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Half a Year!!!

Hey everyone, it's almost been a full six months and we're loving our twins more and more everyday. They are now officially mobile. They haven't completely mastered the art of crawling yet but they're trying really hard! They are both up on all fours and still "scooting" to wherever they need to go. They can move very quickly and definitely require a watchful eye! Max has cut one front tooth on his bottom gum and we're awaiting Jordan's first as well any day now. They are enjoying a wide array of foods nowadays and we're still getting a wide array of "suprises" in the diapers as well. Hope you guys enjoy the new pictures. Thanks for loving our babies!

Jillian & David

Six months!

"Boy in the Hood"

Jord practicing her crawl

Hey mom! I gotta new toy!

Jord makes a stinkface :b

Sweetie boy

Whoa Bambi!


Wendy said...

OMG - So adorable!! You're going to be driven up a wall when they both start walking!! I love the top pic with the two of them together... Thanks for sharing your link again yesterday - I didn't see it last week. love...

Ben said...


Parents -- very cool. Kids very very cute. Love the headlights expession in the last photo....gave me a chuckle. Thanks for keeping us up to dat eand in the loop (not the poop) on how things are going with our grand nephew and niece.